• Delivering Interactive Web Applications Since 1999

    interactiveTHINK has seen the ups and downs of the web industry. Put that expertise to work for you when it comes to your next web project.

  • Over $2 Million and Counting...

    interactiveThink has processed over 2 million in transactions for Classified Verticals and still going strong.

    Rock Solid E-Commerce/Customer management.

  • Predictive Nursing Analytics

    Comprehensive platform designed to identify competency standards & training needs in the field of Nursing. Awarded grant from Philippines Government for indepth study of Nursing Schools throughout the country. Over 1,000 concurrent users, multiple schools of nursing and thousands of assessment data points, provided real-results for the students and faculty!

  • HealthyClick.com

    Enterprise Employee Wellness Portal, currently serving small business to 3 Fortune 500 clients.

Platform Development

From smaller web apps with singular purposes to more enterprise solutions involving thousands of users, interactiveThink has you covered. We've developed, deployed, tested, coded, maintained and banged our head against millions of lines of codes and thousands of great end user experiences.

Development for Web and Mobile

From the desktop to mobile, interactiveThink has developed it. Our development efforts range from the creation of innovative, unique web experiences for end users, to the design &implementation of mobile web and app versions for today's popular smartphones. We're part of the Apple developers program and love to create applications which span the entire gamut of a user's application experience.

Our satisfied clients